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Reputation Hitman

Welcome to Reputation Hitman! While we're similar to some reputation companies, where we can absolutely help you build a good reputation, rebuild a good reputation, and/or provide reputation management services, we also provide reputation services in a different sort of way... We, at Reputation Hitman, believe a good reputation is one of the most important things to have, especially considering today's social media world where news (good or bad) can spread at lightning speed. We believe this so much so, that we take an aggressive and truly effective angle at getting your reputation back to where it needs to be, or, if need be, exposing a company for what they really are, a scam. As a reputation company, we also provide help and services where you can express your bad experience with a company. That's right, we not only help you build a good reputation, rebuild your reputation and provide reputation management services, but we also provide you ways to share your bad experience and opinion across countless platforms and websites!

That's really what sets us apart from your average, run of the mill, reputation services company... Whether you're looking to improve your reputation, or you want get the word out about a scam of a company - if it has to do with reputation services, you came to the right place!

Reputation Hitman Services

Right out of the gate, there will be some who think helping people get the word out about bad compaines is unethical or in some way wrong, especially when it's put in a way like: reputation hitman! However, we're here to say there's nothing wrong going after a bad company, a company who's falsely spreading rumors, or getting the word out to potential customers that some previous customers are simply insane and can't be dealt with! In a nutshell, we're keepin' em honest! If some one needs to have their reputation attacked, there is simply no one better to handle it than us!

improve wot ratings

One quick example is WOT. MyWOT is one of those controversial websites where some people (generally active WOT users) love them and some hate WOT. Regardless, WOT is one of the easiest places to quickly build a reputation up or rebuild a bad wot rating using a few of our high level wot users. It's also one of the easiest places to destroy a website's reputation. We can and have done both! Many WOT users will "gang up and attack" a website that's been negatively rated, especially after you post a thread about the website. Doing a quick web search, you'll quickly find out how many people complain about how everyone gangs up and attacks you on MyWOT, and we can help make that happen if need be! If you're interested in finding out more, contact your Reputation Hitman!

Getting the Word Out

The unique thing we offer, besides outstanding reputation services, is a way for your voice to be heard! If you had a bad experience or were ripped off by an unethical company, perhaps you ordered a product or service online and it was never delivered, we'll help you get the word out. Maybe you have a competitor who falsely & maliciously attacked you, we'll help you expose them for what they really are! So how do we do it? Easy! Our team have accounts with just about every reputation and/or review website that's out there. Whether you want us to post positive reviews or negative reviews, we have the accounts across countless websites to get the word out! Here's just some of the popular websites we're actively involved in:

webutation ratings

Here's a pretty basic website for ratings and comments.

angies list ratings

Angie's List
A well respected website where our reviews hold serious weight.

better business bureau ratings

Better Business Bureau
Complaints can be filed, comments can be added.

mywot ratings

We have thousands of WOT accounts with various rating levels.

yelp ratings

Here's one of the more popular review websites where comments count!

google reviews

Google Reviews
Google places, where business reviews and comments are displayed.

ripoff report

Ripoff Report
We all know ripoff report, where you complain about bad service.

About Reputation Hitman

Reputation Hitman is a sub-company under Superior Web Group llc. Superior Web Group is a web services firm with multiple owned sub-companies/websites, all offering various web related services. When we take on a project, whether it's helping your reputation or attacking anothers, we get at it with absolutle effectiveness. If you want to attack someone's credibility or get your credibility back, there's no one better to handle it, because we have vast knowledge from both sides of the spectrum.

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