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Complaints & Bad Reviews

post complaints about a company

Posting Complaints, Bad Reviews and Negative Ratings has never been so easy!

Whether you're a consumer who wants to get the message out or you want want to get back at a competitor who did you wrong, we can post complaints and negative ratings on a massive scale. We have dozens (and in some cases 1000's) of user accounts on all of the popular rating and review websites, like MyWot. So when we say we can post negative ratings and reviews, we can do it hundreds of times on dozens of rating and review websites... In short, we can get the negative word out about whoever you want us to! On the flip side, if you need to improve your reputation on mywot, or any other rating website, we can help with that too!

reputation attacker

Let the Reputation Hitman Handle It!
The only way to get back at some people or businesses is to hit 'em were it hurts - the wallet. Negative ratings and reviews can drive people away from doing business with them; it's really that simple. So if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, we can make it happen like no one else!

Let Us Do the Attacking for You

Is Hitman Services Right for You?

Wondering if "Reputation Hitman Services" is right for you?

1. Reputation Hitman Services are designed for people who want to get their message out quickly and effectively. It takes a ton of time registering for a single account, verifying your email, then the time it takes to type out your review and on and on... We already have literally 1000's of rating and review user accounts across dozens of rating and review websites.

2. Going on offense is sometimes your only move. If someone, for example a competitor, maliciously attacked you online, you only have a couple options... Take it or get even! We can help you get even while leaving you out of it! No one will ever know it's you getting us to attack them - it can't be tracked back to you!

Some Recommendations

Extremely Happy...
We were extremely happy with the results of your reputation "hitman" services. -Mike L.

Thanks You...
Thank you for helping me share my experiece with Wells Fargo in Middletown, DE. -Jason R.

Very Nice Work...
Very nice work on; I am completely satisfied with the results. -Malory D.